To provide an excellent education and bright future for all students, our partner opened the St. John International School in 2019. St. John’s runs April to March, serves nursery to eighth grade, and will soon expand to tenth grade. All the teachers and staff are believers and speak English. The school is anticipating enrolling 1,000 students in 2021, including 100 orphans and 100 Dalit (formerly called “untouchables”) children, who will receive a free education.

St. John’s is the first Christian school in the six-mile surrounding area. There are approximately 300,000 people living in this region, including 100 of our partner’s full-time “house group” planters and 200 of their groups. The school staff provide a top-notch education and share the love of Jesus with the children of the new believers and their neighbors.

St. John’s is equipped with smart boards, a computer lab, air conditioning, desks and benches, a CCTV security system, and school buses. It’s also an attractive school with good lighting, lots of windows, and is well maintained.